Learn how to buy privacy crypto altcoin – Epic Cash

Be a part of the next level in private crypto currencies.

We’ll help you find your way into the world of EPIC Cash
and show you how to buy it. No matter whether you are a beginner
or already a pro.

If you’re unfamiliar with Epic Cash, it’s the perfect opportunity to
learn more by visiting our official website.

Getting started

So, you want to get hold of some of the greatest money ever invented?!

If you already have cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Monero in your portfolio, you can use this widget from changenow.io to exchange them directly for some EPIC.

Alternatively, for peer-to-peer trading, explore the links below. Select your experience level, and we’ll assist you in purchasing and storing EPIC in your mobile or desktop wallet.

Choose your experience level

I’m a newbie

(I don’t have any crypto experience)

Some experience

(I already have some BTC or altcoin)

I’m an crypto expert

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  • 100% Secure and private Transactions
  • Keys and seeds stay on device
  • Custom address book
  • Custom Nodes
  • Open-Source

Best wallet I have ever used. I've been in crypto for a decade. Well done devs!!

Clinton Fernandez

This EPIC wallet is lit. Fastest and most simple setup for any digital wallet I have tried including apps like Cashapp.


The best Epic Cash wallet! Secure, simple and smooth, can't ask for much better!

Evan Svenkeson

Full steam ahead with the Epic Cash development. The future is Epic.

Thomas Todd

The app is well designed, looks great and functions well. Epic and the EPIC blockchain protocol are very interesting and promising crypto projects.

Tayler McCracken

Buy, trade or swap Epic Cash on

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About Epic Cash community

This website was brought to you by the Epic Cash Community –  a group of volunteers helping each other to show how free open source software can change the world.

A huge thanks to our community members for making these videos and documents. If you’ve followed these instructions and you’re now an Epic Cash holder, please consider joining our community on Telegram to help build the financial lifeboat the world is in need of.