I’m an expert

Enough said – we’ll keep this short, sweet and to the point. If you need more detail, head to the ‘I have some experience’ page where you can see videos and documents that outline the steps in more detail.

Buy with Vitex

  1. Install the Vite app 
  2. Add EPIC 002 to the wallet
  3. Send BTC to your cross chain BTC deposit address
  4. Buy EPIC using BTC in the Market tab
  5. Install the Desktop GUI wallet 
  6. Send the EPIC from ViteX to your Desktop GUI using the Cross-Chain Withdraw
  7. Install the EPIC Pay wallet | iOS | Android
  8. Create a second account on your desktop wallet
  9. Use the manual transfer method to send some money to the second account
  10. Delete the new wallet from EPIC Pay app and use the seed phrase from the second account on the Desktop GUI wallet to seed a new wallet on the EPIC Pay app

Swap with FastEPIC & StellarX

This is a trust-dependent centralized third party service.

FastEPIC on Stellar

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