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If you’ve plunged down the rabbit hole of crypto and you already own or have owned some, this is the page for you. We’ll take you through every step on how to get some EPIC and how to get it into self-custody with the EPIC Pay mobile app where you can spend and send to others with ease.

Buy EPIC using ViteX

Written instructions here

ViteX website

You’ll need some BTC to pay for your EPIC on ViteX. If you don’t know how to buy BTC, please head to the Newbie page where you’ll see some instructions.

Once you’ve bought your EPIC on ViteX, you could just leave it in the wallet on the ViteX app. However, you are not holding native EPIC on ViteX, but a token that represents the coins (your EPIC is held by the exchange operator) so there is an element of trust that they will redeem your EPIC-002 token for native EPIC. This is why we recommend moving your EPIC to the native chain by transferring it to the Desktop Wallet. FYI, we have never had any issues with ViteX and the operator, but it pays to be safe in crypto!

Set up the Desktop wallet

Download your wallet here: Linux, Windows, MacOS

Written installation and set-up instructions

User Guide

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Send EPIC from ViteX to Desktop wallet

One of the big differences between early cryptocurrencies like BTC that have some performance limitations, and Mimblewimble powered currencies like EPIC where these limitations are solved, is that transactions are now interactive. If I send BTC to someone, they don’t need to open their wallet for the transaction to finalize. If I send EPIC to someone, both parties need to have their wallets open to finalize a transaction because the transaction is a 3 step process. This ‘interactiveness’ brings lots of benefits, but could be considered inconvenient by some. The development team have a solution to bring ‘non-interactive’ transactions to EPIC which already works on the EPIC Pay app, but not yet on the Desktop Wallet.  You’ll see a tutorial here on how to send your EPIC from ViteX to your Desktop Wallet using interactive transactions.

Install the EPIC Pay app

Get EPIC Pay for Android

Get EPIC Pay for iOS

The following instructions are for someone who has bough EPIC on ViteX, sent it to their Desktop Wallet, and now wants to be able to have a copy of that wallet on their phone in the form of the EPIC Pay app. For people who already have the EPIC Pay app installed with EPIC in it, but also have EPIC on their Desktop Wallet and want to send it to their EPIC Pay app, you will have to wait until the next version of the Desktop Wallet is released that supports non-interactive transactions – sorry!

An alternative would be to install the Stack wallet on your phone and then restore an EPIC wallet using the Desktop Wallet seed phrase.

Send & spend via EPIC Pay

The EPIC Pay app really is the best crypto app on the market today. Easy to install, easy to use, with fast, cheap, private payments for everyone.

This website was brought to you by the Epic Cash Community –  a group of volunteers helping each other to show how free open source software can change the world. A huge thanks to our community members for making these videos and documents. If you’ve followed these instructions and you’re now an Epic Cash holder, please consider joining our community on Telegram to help build the financial lifeboat the world is in need of.